Meditations for Awakening

Complimentary Meditations with Community

Benefits of Meditation:
Meditating helps us relax and connect with our inner spiritual gifts and talents. It also serves as a vehicle for accessing higher wisdom and direction from within. Acting on this wisdom allows us to start to work with our life force in a new way, and access all the blessings associated with our strengths and gifts.

In this class, you will:

  • Learn easy meditation techniques
  • Practice and discuss with a small group
  • Along the way, you just might discover something new about yourself!

…and much more!

What are Meditations for Awakening?

As we walk deeper into our practice, and the light and love of the path on which we find ourselves, more is possible. We discover who we are, our place in the universe, and of what we are capable. The truth is that no one can tell us this, we have to find it for ourselves…within.

In our Meditations for Awakening Series, we explore topics related to the process of awakening. What does it mean to be awakening? What are the unique experiences that happen during a time of spiritual awakening? How can I best equip myself for the journey?

For each meditation, there will be a theme announced on the calendar event. Come and give your input on what topics you’d like to see!

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I liked the format of the meditation I attended. It transitioned smoothly from one segment to another, the parts were all of equal length, and the Angel protection energy helped me to feel grounded and safe.
Julia, Max Meditator