How to Take the Mystery Out of a Mystery School

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I often share with students that the mystery school teachings aren’t intended to be secret. The mysterious and esoteric nature of the teachings can appear like they are secret, but this is not intentional. Our teachers aren’t trying to hide sacred knowledge, indeed they’re trying to spread it! The Dalai Lama made it very clear Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Light Worker Movie Night

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This is an opportunity for family and friends to have fun in a community of lightworkers. We watch films that inspire us on our path of healing and personal empowerment. Movie: Mystery Teachings by Dr. Theresa Bullard on!   Description: This series is a culmination of years of research and study in science, metaphysics, Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Don’t waste time! Study with a traditional Mystery School.

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Some people are hesitant to ask me ‘What is a Mystery School?’ One of the oxymorons of being part of the Modern Mystery School is that I want to share with everyone about the personal empowerment and real results that it can bring to your life, but people also think we’re not supposed to talk Activate your Spiritual Intelligence