Special Event: Eternal Eden—Soft Opening of New Lightworker Center in SW

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This is an exciting time of year as Summer turns into Fall and we begin to reap what we sowed earlier in the year. Looking back to January, I had no idea we would be where we are today.  Today, we boost a growing community of Life Activation Practitioners and Ritual Masters who are generating Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Healing from the Inside Out: The Secrets of Your DNA Revealed

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The experience of not reaching our potential, whether it be potential energy level and productivity during the workday, not feeling as if we have made enough progress on our dreams or even the potential of how functional we are in our relationships can result in us feeling like something is holding us back. At Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Empower Thyself

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Learn secret teachings to access your greatest potential…the Divine Human. Let me be clear, these teachings have changed my life and they will change yours as well. The hallmark of Hermetic teachings is that they work no matter what. You the practitioner become living proof of the magick that has been passed down to thousands Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Experience the Magick of the 7 Mystery Schools [Eugene]

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Learn new magickal rituals! Fill in the form on this page to register: www.spiritintransition.com/7-mystery-schools Come to learn about and ‘Experience the Magick of the 7 Traditional Mystery Schools.’ The 7 traditional mystery schools have been the basis for all Mystery Traditions the world over since the beginning of time. By learning about the different traditions, you Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Don’t waste time! Study with a traditional Mystery School.

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Some people are hesitant to ask me ‘What is a Mystery School?’ One of the oxymorons of being part of the Modern Mystery School is that I want to share with everyone about the personal empowerment and real results that it can bring to your life, but people also think we’re not supposed to talk Activate your Spiritual Intelligence