Alchemy Phase 3: Separation

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In the last post of this series, we covered the second stage of alchemy: dissolution. We also reminded ourselves that it’s important to remain non-attached. At the same time, you will not complete the alchemy process powerfully without uncovering your ‘burning desire’ that drives you towards your goal. Without the attractive force of this [...]

Can Women Be Spiritual Leaders? | Part 2

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Some of you may have read the prequel blog post to this one, which talked about the female roots of certain forms of spirituality and debunked the idea that only men have been spiritual leaders throughout history. This time, we’re going to look at some specific Masters - all women - who had an important [...]

Can Women Be Spiritual Leaders?

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Is religion sexist? It wasn't until the late 1970s that women were allowed to be ordained as priests in the Episcopal Church, and not until 1994 that they were in the Church of England. It's still a point of debate in many religious groups. This all begs a deeper question, though: how spiritual can a [...]