Matthew Koren is a certified Healer and Guide in the Hermetic Lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School. He provides traditional healing modalities to awaken the divine potential within. Peruse his offerings below.

Life Activation

The DNA activation is a traditional modality for consciousness expansion and empowerment. Find out more here.

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Full Spirit Activation

Building on the foundation of Spirit connection initiated by the Life Activation, the Full Spirit Activation awakens the Adam Kadmon soul body within, connecting the Soul with the energy systems of the body to allow for easy communication and flow of divine inspiration. Find out more here.

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Monthly Energy Cleanse

Negative emotions drain your energy, strain your relationships, and obstruct your enjoyment of a peaceful, relaxed and joyful life.

A monthly Energetic Cleanse neutralizes the impact these destructive emotions can have on your life, helping you to remain clear and present in the face of those influences.

With this clarity, you’ll be able to discover the source of those disruptions and transform the thoughts, habits, and behaviors which reinforce those kinds of negative structures, ultimately eliminating them from your life.

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Shamanic Aura Clearing

Are you ready to let go of stagnant energy and stuck emotions? What you resist persists, but calling on the shamanic energies to clear your aura will move those energy suckers right out of your field. This is a powerful clearing technique suitable for more advanced or persistent emotional states that are negatively impacting your thoughts and behaviors. Take back control of your energy field with a shamanic aura clearing!

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Shamanic Soul Retrieval

The traumas and dramas of life, including birth, can impact our soul creating splits and fragments that forget where they belong. This creates the experience of not being all there, or being unable to stay grounded in the face of everyday life stressors. When these fragments come back, it can be like re-gaining a long-lost friend and your energy level will increase as well. Oftentimes, 2-3 sessions are required to complete a thorough soul retrieval process.

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Purpose of Life (11th Codon) Reading

The Life Activation is required to be able to access the 11th codon, which contains a holographic data bank of information on your prior emanations, soul level contracts for this life, physical and spiritual lineage, and most importantly the unique gifts you bring to this world. This once in a lifetime reading is all the information you need to focus your efforts on the activities and goals that will bring you the most flow with the universe, and consequently the most joy as well.

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Chakra Awakening

This simple, yet powerful session realigns and activates the entire chakra system of your body. When operating at full capacity, you are able to respond more effectively to situations life throws your way, process negative emotions more quickly, and experience the joys of each moment rather than everyday suffering. This is highly recommended to complete once every 6 months for greatest positive impact on your relationships and intimate connections.

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Tree of Life Healing

The kabbalistic Tree of Life and its 10 sephiroth is a map of the universe unlocking keys to greater fulfillment, joy, and abundance. When you activate this template in your body, it starts working on all areas of your life, reformatting structures and situations to be in alignment with your DNA coding and purpose here on Earth.

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Spark of Life

Gain healing energy from the comfort of your own space! This modality was once reserved for high priests and priestesses doing healing work for their communities but outside their home temple and sacred spaces. Lacking the ability to be physically connected to the source energy of their temple, priests and priestesses at home would support those outside with this distance healing so they had a battery of energy to draw from to complete their work while traveling.

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