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Spirit in TransitionThe Gallery of Metaphysical Arts is a gathering space for all practitioners bringing in the New Age. Come connect, be heard, and learn with us in a monthly salon of rotating speakers from our very own, local community.

This event is held on every 3rd Monday, except in June, when it will be held on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016.

We have an exciting lineup of speakers this month!

Jeremy Bosotina will start things off with an in-depth discussion on astral projection with a talk titled: You Can Leave Your Body: Experiences of Interdimensional Travel. With 15 years of experience traveling out of his body, Jeremy has fascinating stories to share and practical advice for those who wish to start on this path.

Danny Picard, CHt, OM will be our second speaker with a talk titled: The Multidimensional You: A Potent Healing Experience. Danny is the founder of The Epic Human Project, an organization that seeks to proliferate energetic healing and awakening. Danny will reveal a healing experience that enhances well-being and takes you to a whole new level!

We look forward to seeing you!

Energy Exchange: $10 (paid at New Renaissance Bookstore counter, bring your ticket over to the event space next door)