Staying Young with Yoga

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Did you know yoga can make you 9 years younger? Yoga has become a widespread practice in the West over the past few decades. Originating in India as an intense spiritual practice to reach union with God, its physical aspects have been adopted by many Americans for health purposes. Though people seem to have a Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Healing from the Inside Out: The Secrets of Your DNA Revealed

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The experience of not reaching our potential, whether it be potential energy level and productivity during the workday, not feeling as if we have made enough progress on our dreams or even the potential of how functional we are in our relationships can result in us feeling like something is holding us back. At Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Healing is first on the path to wellness

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When awakening we experience a full range of emotions: joy, bliss, anger, grief and confusion to name a few. This tide of emotions is like how we might feel looking in the mirror and realizing we never went to the dentist until our mid-thirties. Suddenly there is a revealing of years of covered up decay. Activate your Spiritual Intelligence