Embody Your Divine Feminine ~ What Is It & Why It’s Essential

2021-08-11T07:26:57-07:00By |Community Conversations|

When we speak about feminine and masculine principles, it’s important to acknowledge that this conversation exists beyond the realm of sexual and physical organs. This is a conversation about universal energies that exist within every living being. We all have multiple modes of  expression that embody either masculine or feminine qualities. When you deepen your Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

How to Take the Mystery Out of a Mystery School

2021-01-22T10:15:47-07:00By |Community Conversations|

I often share with students that the mystery school teachings aren’t intended to be secret. The mysterious and esoteric nature of the teachings can appear like they are secret, but this is not intentional. Our teachers aren’t trying to hide sacred knowledge, indeed they’re trying to spread it! The Dalai Lama made it very clear Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

How to Get ‘Unstuck’…Fast!

2020-12-09T16:46:30-07:00By |Community Conversations|

At any moment, we can choose something new and different.  I’ve felt stuck before in life, when I didn’t feel like I had any options.  But what was really happening was that I was making the same decisions and taking the same actions as the day previously.  It wasn’t until I got out of my Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

4 Ways to Relieve the Lockdown Blues

2020-10-27T10:35:04-07:00By |Community Conversations|

“As within, so without; as without, so within” A timeless Hermetic principle that means something completely new in light of COVID-19 and forced lockdowns that keep you inside and gathering with others less.  It’s like a big mirror constructed in front of you that won’t go away. Everywhere you look, you see evidence of your Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

When will the truth set us free?

2020-09-22T10:29:10-07:00By |Community Conversations|

I feel incredibly blessed to be living at this time. Sometimes that feels like a risky thing to say. Then come numerous negative and critical thoughts, with questions like: How could you say such a thing? Don’t you realize how much pain people are going through? Aren’t you paying attention? I remind myself that COVID Activate your Spiritual Intelligence