About Matthew Koren

Matthew is a Guide, Healer and Ritual Master certified by the Modern Mystery School of the lineage of King Salomon. Matthew has been leading group workshops and coaching individuals since 2007 to find their inner light and express their divinity. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a concentration in cross-cultural studies. He is a metaphysician and ceremonialist working to bring freedom of expression and the experience of unbridled divinity to all humans. Through his travels to China, Tibet, Thailand, Canada, New Zealand and other countries, he has had the opportunity to study with many lineage teachers and masters holding the keys to various healing and spiritual development modalities. He assimilates such diverse skills as meditation and mindfulness, shamanism and plant-based medicines, ancient mystery school initiations, and modern psychological science to support his clients’ unique spiritual development pathways. Matthew now serves as a consultant and spiritual guide for his clients at Spirit in Transition. His professional work and philanthropy focuses on the cultivation of personal empowerment and community solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. He lives in Portland, OR with his husband Brandon.

Post-COVID-19 outlook: Grim or proper?

By |2020-05-08T11:48:18-07:00May 8th, 2020|Community Conversations|

“As a Buddhist, I believe in the principle of impermanence. Eventually, this virus will pass, as I have seen wars and other terrible threats pass in my lifetime, and we will have the opportunity to rebuild our global community as we have done many times before. I sincerely hope that everyone can stay safe and Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

A New World is Taking Shape…Are You In?

By |2020-04-15T15:25:51-07:00April 15th, 2020|Community Conversations|

Simply think the highest thoughts you can; feel the deepest love you are capable of; reach up or down to the highest, or deepest, Divinity that you can experience; treat others with the tenderest of kindness and the most caring of compassion that you possibly can; and if you are anywhere near the leading edge Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

How Do You Make Sense of Altered States of Consciousness?

By |2020-04-02T16:46:49-07:00April 2nd, 2020|Community Conversations|

Here’s a dirty little secret…”altered states of consciousness” is a total misnomer. Altered states of consciousness are necessary and inevitable milestones on the path to enlightenment and consciousness development.  In this series of blogs (this is the first), we’ll dive deeper into why consciousness expansion and altered states of consciousness are necessary on your spiritual Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

SPECIAL Corona Virus/COVID-19 Statement

By |2020-03-18T16:47:22-07:00March 18th, 2020|Community Conversations|

I am wishing you well as we continue to prepare for the impacts of the Corona Virus/COVID-19 on our communities, as well as sending love and prayers to those that have lost friends and family to the virus already. Please wash your hands and note social distancing recommendations. Here’s a John Hopkins article on social distancing. Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Why ‘Woke’ People Need to ‘Grow Up’

By |2020-03-10T13:48:40-07:00March 10th, 2020|Community Conversations|

When it comes to consciousness studies, there are many systems you can use as a lens to organize and develop your understanding of the different states of consciousness available. And states of consciousness are the goal people are after—sometimes the only goal in their spiritual pursuit. Have you ever wondered why people who seem to Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

The Secret of Moving from ‘Fight or Flight’ to ‘Holding Space’

By |2020-02-20T20:03:27-07:00February 20th, 2020|Community Conversations|

As a Guide in the Lineage of King Salomon, I am constantly supporting my clients in conversations where they are experiencing some form of resistance. Yesterday, I discovered another example of “what we resist, persists.” When someone comes at us with their [untrue] story and we feel threatened, we usually do a version of one Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

Nuggets of Wisdom from an Ascended Master

By |2020-01-17T14:31:39-07:00January 17th, 2020|Community Conversations|

Someone asked me an important question recently, “Is your way the only way?” I was more than a little taken back, because anyone who knows me knows that I’m very open and accepting of different traditions, lineages, and cultures. Not to mention having surveyed about as many spiritual and metaphysical systems as I could across Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

How to Redirect Negativity

By |2020-01-09T17:27:40-07:00January 9th, 2020|Transitory Thoughts|

As we come to the conclusion of Winter, it’s easy to look around and wonder why we didn’t spend more of this beautiful time of year outdoors. However if you’re like me, that is to say, if you like to be WARM, then maybe you aren’t wondering about this at all. The fireplace, a book, Activate your Spiritual Intelligence

What is the ‘Dark of Night of the Soul’ REALLY?

By |2019-12-09T16:14:56-07:00December 9th, 2019|Community Conversations|

Almost every year I participate in a Kabbalah ascension journey. This is dedicated time working on the subconscious processes that affect my lived life, and upgrading them to support my spiritual progression. This year I’m focusing in on what’s called the ‘Personality triangle’ of the Tree of Life, with the intention of discovering how I Activate your Spiritual Intelligence